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Woke up with a bunch of notes for this post calling me an anti-semite for pointing out how transgender activism’s relentless campaign to dehumanize and promote violence and oppression against feminists is comparable in tone to Nazism.

Hey assholes: the truth hurts doesn’t it?

To all you gasping how a non-Jew said that? Stop jumping to conclusions, assholes.

you’re already a transmisogynist trans woman, no reason you can’t also be an anti-semitic Jew.

"Transmisogynist" is to transgender fundamentalism as suppressive person is to Scientology.

I’ve been a critic long enough to recognize these tactics.

Transgender fundamentalism uses the Scientology playbook for attacking critics.

Reblogging for the link to “suppressive person” ideology in Scientology. The parallels between transactivism and Scientology are chilling.


"As she gave her account to the police, several bruises began to appear, indicating recent trauma. Tests would later find semen on her underwear.

For nearly a year, the events of that evening remained a well-kept secret until the woman’s allegations burst into the open, roiling the university and threatening a prized asset: Jameis Winston, one of the marquee names of college football.

Three weeks after Mr. Winston was publicly identified as the suspect, the storm had passed. The local prosecutor announced that he lacked the evidence to charge Mr. Winston with rape. The quarterback would go on to win the Heisman Trophy and lead Florida State to the national championship.

After a Florida State student accused quarterback Jameis Winston of rape, the police did not interview him or obtain his DNA. In his announcement, the prosecutor, William N. Meggs, acknowledged a number of shortcomings in the police investigation. In fact, an examination by The New York Times has found that there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university.

The police did not follow the obvious leads that would have quickly identified the suspect as well as witnesses, one of whom videotaped part of the sexual encounter. After the accuser identified Mr. Winston as her assailant, the police did not even attempt to interview him for nearly two weeks and never obtained his DNA.

The detective handling the case waited two months to write his first report and then prematurely suspended his inquiry without informing the accuser. By the time the prosecutor got the case, important evidence had disappeared, including the video of the sexual act.

“They just missed all the basic fundamental stuff that you are supposed to do,” Mr. Meggs said in a recent interview. Even so, he cautioned, a better investigation might have yielded the same result.

The case has unfolded as colleges and universities across the country are facing rising criticism over how they deal with sexual assault, as well as questions about whether athletes sometimes receive preferential treatment. The Times’s examination — based on police and university records, as well as interviews with people close to the case, including lawyers and sexual assault experts — found that, in the Winston case, Florida State did little to determine what had happened.”

Censorship and feminism

I’ve been thinking about Gallus Mag getting shut out of, more in the context of how this is happening on the internet as a whole. Many radfems have had their tumblr or twitter accounts suspended solely for voicing unpopular opinions (while threats of violence against radfems seem to be just fine). Facebook is another common offender, with feminists (not even just radfems) getting suspended for posting a picture of a Greek statue or an indigenous festival that shows a few nipples in the background, while some very offensive graphic pictures of violence against women are deemed consistent with the rules even after complaints are lodged. The most egregious was the time a poster got suspended for writing “men are a plague.” Usually these temporary suspensions, which are totally unsupportable even under the hosts’ rules, are imposed on a Friday afternoon, so that they remain in place over the weekend before they are lifted. Sometimes, as in the problems with Wordpress mentioned above, the issues are ongoing. As far as we know, there are no repercussions for the censors when the “misunderstanding” is cleared up.

I’m wondering if maybe there could be a law passed making this kind of behavior illegal and actionable. It is censorship based on political beliefs, even if the host sites are owned by a private entity. If hotels and restaurants are prohibited under the law from denying service based on sexual orientation in many places, can’t a social media site be prohibited from denying service based on political ideology?

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know the answer to this question. I’m wondering if tumblr people more familiar with the law would care to address this question.


And some of us are brave…


"Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get better, the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival lineup was announced. Holy Cow! I had known for some time that I was on the festival and headlining again, but when I saw the lineup I was so excited about the 39th year of the festival. The New York contingent is in effect this year including Climbing PoeTree, Toshi Reagon and BIGLovely, MazzMuse, Marcelle Davies-Lashley, Cocomama and blaKbüshe. Of course my west coast folks are representing as well, but the person who stood out for me was Beverly McClellan!!! I don’t know if you watched the first season of the Voice, but Beverly was one of the four finalists on Christina’s team. She is a vocal beast!!! I can’t wait to see her on the land. Whoo Hoo!!! It was a good Friday indeed, but little did I know, this simple announcement would become my steam roller and a reactionary battle cry.

Monday, March 10th (12:47am)
I received an email from the representative from the Purim committee who I had been corresponding with saying she needed to talk to me, but realized she didn’t have my number so I should give her a call. I really thought nothing of it. I replied to the email with my number; saying that I was up, but she must have gone to bed.

“There’s a Shit Storm Coming!” (11:58am)
The statement above is the actual subject line of an email that was sent to me and another artist by a good friend, about what was about to go down. When I opened the email it said:

“I just found out that the Purim Collective voted to take Shelley off the bill because she’s performing at Michfest and a bunch of the Purim organizers are supporters of the Michfest boycott. They plan on calling you this afternoon. I didn’t want you to be blindsided. I just wanted to give you a heads up even though you probably know. I wanted you to know that there are people ready to support you Shelley if you want or need that.”

Well…I did NOT know. So her email did catch me off guard, but not as far off as that phone call would have. Now I knew exactly why the committee was trying to get hold of me via phone after we had been corresponding via email the whole time.

I got my friend who sent me the email on the phone, and she broke down what was happening. Honestly after I got her email I knew EXACTLY what was happening. Therein began my wave of emotions. My Monday morning emotion was, “Whatever! If they don’t want me on the event, then I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted.” Well, that was the morning.

I know some of you are wondering how a issue with Michfest could have made its way to a Purim event in Brooklyn. So I’ll break it down for you in a nutshell because that’s all we really have time for.

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is just what the name says. It’s a WOMEN’S music festival. That means that ONLY WOMEN attend the festival and ONLY WOMEN build everything on the land to make the festival happen. The only time there are men on the land is when they come to clean the port-a-janes at the end of each night. So, the protest/challenge for many years, long before I even started attending, is around trans-inclusion in the festival. There are some who feel that the festival should be for womyn-born-womyn only meaning that you must have been born a girl and more specifically born anatomically into a woman’s body in order to attend the festival, while others feel this is not a fair assessment of womanhood in these changing times of gender identity and politics. Now as you can imagine this is a tricky and touchy subject to say the least and one that I’m not about to begin to address here, but let’s take a moment to contemplate the challenges on both sides of this argument. It’s not only about gender politics it’s about the body politic. Feel me?

As for me, I have been blessed to be able to heal in women-only spaces for years and I am not about to argue against those spaces because they have made me a better woman, a better person and helped me to step into my power in such meaningful and profound ways. Michfest has been one of these powerful spaces. I don’t just go back year after year because it’s something to do for a week in August; I go back because it’s a refuge. It’s a week of no men and the energy that comes with that in the world. Let me also make something clear, I love men. I have some of the most wonderful men in my life in both my professional and personal circles, but sometimes a girl needs a break from even the most evolved man! I will not apologize for my love of the festival, the land or for what is has meant to me over these last eight years. I have made personal and professional friendships that will last me a lifetime on and off the stage. I will not apologize for the tears and scars I have left there that the land has taken from me so that I can fly. I will not apologize for wanting my spaces with women as I know it and have known it, so I will not be bullied or made to feel ashamed of my love for this place or these women. I will not be made to feel ashamed of the love I feel when I walk through those gates and hear the words, “Welcome Home.” But that does not mean that I am anti-trans and/or not open to having a conversation about the changing face of womanhood. I’m not afraid to ask or be asked the hard questions, but if you only want to throw fear, shame and angry gestures my way, then any conversation we could have had will be a wrap! Trust me, I’m being real polite right now. Feel me? OK. Let’s carry on.

The Call (10:28pm)
The whole day went by and no call from my Purim committee rep. I was in total “Act as if…” mode already. Even though I had gotten the earlier email telling me what was coming, I just kept moving forward with show plans. My thought, until I hear it from the horse’s mouth, it’s not a done deal. Then on my way home from a pretty stellar night, I got the call.

When the Purim rep told me that I was voted off of the show due to the fact that I was headlining Michfest I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked, but I really was and soon became angry (my second and third emotions) because A) this is NOT the first time I’ve played festival. In fact this year will make my 8th! So if the committee was really that dedicated to protesting the festival and the artists who play there then they would have vetted me! All they would have had to do was 5-minutes of research and they would have found out that I have played Fest MANY times and participated in many capacities. AND if they were REALLY dedicated to this protest they just wouldn’t have invited me from the get go! B) No one on the committee did me the courtesy of calling to talk about how they felt once the Michfest lineup came out. No one asked me about my politics. No one took a moment to say, “Hey, Shelley has supported us and has been promoting the event to get people out so maybe we need to check in with her and see where she’s coming from and let her know what our challenges are.” No! None of THAT happened. Instead, in what felt like a total reactionary move they voted me off the show and then sent a woman who really wanted me to stay on the program to give me the news! Yup! But we’re getting there.

During the course of this conversation, which lasted about 30 minutes, I asked a lot of questions and got some pretty sad answers. Also the woman I was talking to was exhausted because she’s the mother of a young baby, which also made me angry. Not that she’s a mom, but because I knew she was tired and even though she wanted to talk to me because we had been corresponding the whole time, she clearly was not up for this conversation, which could really have been delivered by someone else, namely someone in this nameless, faceless committee who voted me off the island to begin with who probably doesn’t have children and wouldn’t be exhausted at 10:30pm on a Monday night. Another thing that had me livid was that fact that this nameless, faceless committee knows my face and name, but I don’t know theirs? What kind of cowardly shit it that??!! The woman on the phone told me that they were still going to pay me (well of course they were), but then she asked me not to say anything about this, specifically over social media. What??!!! Are you kidding me? So you have to right to just vote me off the show, for really no good and fair reason that I see, I have no say in the decision-making and then you pay me and want me to shut up about the whole thing?? Now, you’re smoking! I promptly told her I couldn’t make any promises on that front. In other words, Fuck That!

Now I ask, what does that sound like to you? I’ll tell you what it sounds like to me. It sounds like some white, male, entitled, patriarchal, misogynistic, cowardly bullshit is what it sounds like. I have absolutely no idea what the faces of the people who voted me off the show look like and honestly that doesn’t even matter, but I know THAT energy when I feel it. I know shady dealing when I see them. I know the shadow masculine when I encounter it. Trust me I know. I’ve been a black woman a long time. I know patriarchy and misogyny like I know my name.

Then came the rant. I got on Facebook at about 3am and let folks know how I was feeling. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like that, but I needed to be loud that night. My feelings required more than my journal.

As a side note, I also found out earlier that day that musicians in the house band, who happened to be all women and transgender (in specific FTM), were being questioned about their affiliation with Michfest artists! Yes you heard me correctly. So now we have also entered into some pseudo-McCarthyism here?! I’m just asking.”


Worth a read on the whole thing.

"I know shadow masculine when I encounter it." Yep. This situation has been McCarthy-esque for some time now. It will burn itself out eventually, as all witch hunts do, but it’s not too early to be asking how to stop the cycle.






Talking about female sexual health isn’t transphobic when we live in a culture where girls don’t know what discharge is and decide to get labiaplasty at age 14.

it is transphobic if you call it female sexual health though instead of sexual health for people with vaginas





lol female-hating weirdos.

Reduce people to their genitals much? We are women, females, not “people with vaginas.” Jeez.



how do Buddhists fit into queer theory? is the denial of the existence of a self transphobic?

YES! Just like verything else!



Hey TERFs: don’t you know the best way to get rid of gender roles is to personalize gender and show THROUGH SCIENCE that gender is a spectrum and everyone has their own personal spot on the spectrum? That way gender INHERENTLY becomes meaningless beyond personal expression and all you need to do is learn logic to realize this. That’s way better than what you’re doing now.

Or you could, you know, NOT assign gender at all.

Most radfems are lesbians who are highly gender non-conforming, and all of us are gender non-conforming to some degree. But we are called “cis” and “terf.” You transgender activists and cisallies don’t get it, do you?

Pagan Blog Project: Week 15 - The Hysterectomy and my Spirituality


Welcome back to me. I know I am about 8 or 9 weeks behind but that’s what happens when you are down for the count after surgery.

I think I came back at a perfect week. If you are wondering what a hysterectomy could do with your spirituality, then you probably don’t need this entry, and that’s fine. However, this one is more of a self-journaling post and a support for women forced into their crone phase and partners (both male and female) of these women. 

Since I have had my surgery I have missed two full moons and a new moon. By missed I mean I have not done a single bit of ritual, prayer, or even thrown my runes. Nothing. Zip. I have felt a disconnection. Something inside of me suddenly changed. It wasn’t gradual as nature would have it happened, but parts of me that, by a physical definition of me being a woman, were taken and ripped out of me. I know mentally I am still a woman, and since I have transitioning friends, I know that your body is not what assigns you a gender, but I have this road block in my mind that I still feel less womanly because my womb has been taken out of me. I can no longer produce or sustain life inside of my body.

This isn’t because I believe in a Goddess and God based theological system that this has affected me so much, but more of I don’t know my place in the universe. Even if you are an atheist witch, fertility may still hold a place in your spells or rituals. This can involve things like sperm or menstrual blood, which both are things I have used in the past. One of which I no longer produce.

I was on facebook today (yeah, I know) and one of my “witchy friends” posted a picture that said “Tell the moon your secrets, and she’ll listen”. I think that is exactly what I am going to do. Maybe before I jump into my spiritual practice again, I should concentrate on letting my patron god and goddess, or my spiritual mother and father as how I think of them, guide me back. I have always thought that the universe and self-reflection will teach you more than any book, blog, or even another person can. So before I dig out my grimoire and sit before my altar, maybe I should listen to them and myself and I will come back in time.

Before I left for the hospital, I stopped by a local pagan run shop and something drew me to a large piece of Tantric Twin Quartz. It was a little more than I’d have liked to pay for it, but my ever supportive husband bought it for me anyway. I don’t know why I was drawn to it, but something told me I’d need it, and now that I reflect here I think my feelings were right. Since I am in a male/female relationship, I will use this crystal, journaling, and my husband to help guide me back and I resolve to come back stronger than ever, so that I may truly fit into the crone phase of life. I will be the older, wiser woman that may be of use to someone. I have to because I have chosen this belief, and therefore this role as my role in life.

If any fellow new crone is struggling like I am, feel free to message me. We can always lean on eachother as fellow women and travellers in this life.

Z Budapest has a ritual in her book Grandmother of Time celebrating hysterectomy. (Celebrating not because every women should have one, but because the surgery treats a disease.) This is one of those biological women things Dianc Witches address in their groups, and yet another reason why this religion is born-women only.